Structuring Your Nonprofit

Whether you already have a nonprofit or are about to start one, consider carefully the structure you set up. From your Board to your Staff to those you serve, the structure you create can have a lasting impact on your organization.

Here are five questions to consider, particularly if you are looking to change your structure.

1) What is your current structure?

2) What other options are available to you?

3) How are other similar organizations structured? Are they thriving?

4) What should you do?

5) How do you get there? What is your Strategic Plan going to be?

Structure is important. Do not let it keep you from getting in the game, but definitely consider the options before you. Selecting an appropriate structure and/or being willing to change it at the right time in the life of your nonprofit can make all the difference in the world.

What lessons have you learned when it comes to the structure of you nonprofit?

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