Job Idea #2: Housing Coach

A friend of mine does home remodeling in another state. His work is really good and he knows everything about houses. Whenever I have questions, I always ask him. He is patient with my ignorance and is a great teacher.

I’ve heard him mention that at some point he physically will not be able to do the work. For now, though, he continues doing amazing work.

This leads me to an idea for him, and possibly for some of you: A Housing Coach.

I know next to nothing when it comes to basic home care, and I would never even consider doing remodeling. Some of you are like me. Others of you are open to some DIY projects. Wouldn’t it be great to have a person you trust giving you tips and providing content to help you maintain and improve your home?

Yeah, I think so too.

The Job Idea: Start an online community dedicated to helping the average homeowner take care of the basics and make improvements to their home. Use a blog, social media, eNewsletters, etc to provide free content. Then create multiple streams of income through online courses, eBooks, workshops, etc. You could also provide one on one coaching for individuals and even an online membership site.


  • Startup Cost – This is essentially $0. As you make money, you can reinvest it in the business to grow it.
  • Time Cost – It is up to you. An investment of 10 hours a week over 90 days would get you in the game and let you know if this is a good direction. 10 hours a week over several months could result in significant income. Within a couple years (or less), you may replace your income and not need to do the harder work you are doing now.
  • Profitability – I would start with some coaching packages. When someone asks you for advice, in addition to giving them a couple tips, you can let them know you are coaching. Once you have a handful of people you are coaching a couple hours a month, you could be making hundreds of dollars or more with knowledge that you already have, without much invested financially. And that is just the beginning!
  • Turnover – If you ever wanted to sell a business like this, you would need to bring someone in slowly to begin building relationships with your audience. I do think it is possible to turn it over though and make a profit. I could also see one continuing with this business model well into “retirement.”
  • Storage – You do not need a building or to keep supplies on hand. Your products will most likely be virtual or print to order. You may choose to do videos showing people how to do things. In this case, you would need your tools or to rent some. However, you already have your tools.
  • Time for Money – Unlike the work you currently do, where you give your time and someone pays you money, as a Coach you will have the opportunity to create resources once and sell them a thousand times. Much more scalable.
  • The Trust FactorThis is the greatest pro to this idea. We all need someone we can trust. Whether you struggle to change a lightbulb (don’t judge me), get angst when calling on a local contractor to do work for you (it is hard to know who to trust!), or just need encouragement with your DIY project, a trusted Housing Coach would be a great find. Having someone you know is going to steer you in the right direction, someone you can trust, is like a breath of fresh air. I hope someone does this, because I need this person!


  • Technology Learning Curve – You are going to need to learn some things you may not know anything about. However, the good news is there are plenty of free resources on these subjects. You will want to be an expert coach immediately. Slow down. You will become an expert, but it will take time. The good news is, what is most difficult to learn (the housing knowledge), you already know!
  • Between Your Ears – The biggest roadblock is going to be between your own two ears. You will tell yourself you can’t do it. You will put a limit on what you think someone should get paid to deliver this type of service because it comes so easy to you. However, there is no limit. You can be very profitable with knowledge and skills that you already possess.

Even if you have years or decades of work ahead of you, this would be a great addition to your existing business. As another income stream, the benefits far outweigh the investment.

If you are an average homeowner, what are your thoughts on this idea? Could you use a trusted Housing Coach? Please share in the comments section.

If you do remodeling, what would keep you from actually doing this? Please share in the comments section.

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