Establishing Expectations for Your Nonprofit Board

Depending on the size of your nonprofit and what you do, your Board of Directors may function very differently than other nonprofits. You may have a large Board or a small one. Your Board may be very active with the organization, more of a group of advisors or even fundraising focused.

What is not different from one Board to the next is the need for clear and concise expectations. Take the following five steps to get your Board of Directors aligned with the organizations.

1) Define what is expected of a Board Member currently.

2) Decide what you need to add or take away from these expectations.

3) Write them all down and make them available to the Board.

4) Determine what training Board Members need in order to be able to fulfill these expectations.

5) Provide training and continually cast the vision of your organization to the Board.

Your Board should be your greatest ally as a nonprofit. Select carefully and thank your Board Members regularly for all that they do for you and those you serve.

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