The Idea Categories for My Blog

Since first starting my blog back in 2013, I have enjoyed bringing content and ideas that I hope have been helpful to you. I have grown as a person and I continue to be passionate about the topics I discuss here.

If you are new to my blog, you should know that I am an Idea Addict. I love ideas (mine and yours). They fuel me and are my greatest addiction. I believe ideas can change a life, impact a community and bring a smile to a sad face.

If you are an Idea Addict, you believe in the power of ideas as well. While we get sidetracked from time to time, our ideas motivate us and others to higher places. Hopefully you like some of my ideas. I’d love to hear yours.

Here are the Idea Categories for my blog:

1) Family and Faith – From parenting, to marital advice, to tips on living with extended family, I have learned a lot over the years. Those that have come before me in my family really made some tough choices to move our family in a positive direction. I continue to look to improve my family tree and grow us into all that we can be. New ideas are constantly part of the conversations in our home. Excited to share some of them with you.

My Faith is core to who I am as a person. It drives me. It motivates me. I am not who I want to be spiritually, but I am not who I once was. Regularly I seek to grow closer to Jesus and help others to do the same. Whether you are a Jesus follower or still checking him out, I hope my faith ideas encourage you in your journey. God loves you and has a purpose for your life.

2) Create Your Masterpiece – There is a work for which you are uniquely gifted and prepared to do. Are you doing it? What is your masterpiece and how can I help you get to it? Being future focused and full of ideas, I love to equip others to start their great works. One of the biggest roadblocks is getting distracted by multiple ideas. I struggle with this from time to time too. I hope my ideas in this section will give you the tools you need to find clarity and focus in your life calling.

3) Nonprofits – I love them! From the work itself to the fundraising, I see the great potential for nonprofits to change lives. Whether you are considering nonprofit work or have been doing it awhile, you will find my ideas helpful. It is my passion to help others pursue their vision. Let me know how I can help you.

4) Productivity – For me productivity is more than just getting work done efficiently. It is about living the life you feel called to live. It involves putting yourself, family, faith, work and your other priorities in the right place. It includes margin. Rest, work and relationships all have their place. Most importantly, productivity is about saying “yes” to your calling and “no” to everything else. It is moving to the place where you do what only you can do and allow others to join you by doing what they do best.

5) Vision Cafe – There are few things I enjoy more than going to a cafe to hang out with a friend and talk. Some of the greatest ideas happen in this context. While I love checking tasks off a list, my ideal day would be to meet one on one with friends from morning till night. It is in this Idea Category that I share various ideas to inspire you…and me. Check here for a plethora of crazy dreams and ideas to help you with the vision you are called to.

From my original list of categories only Creating Your Masterpiece is new.

My hope is that my blog will continue to be an encouragement to you. May the ideas here challenge, motivate and rejuvenate you on your life journey.

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  1. Jason mongillo

    Hey Adam, it was truely A pleasure meeting you at Dan Millers innovate conference. you are right on what you say about distraction and productivity, saying “yes” to your calling and “no” to everything else. In fact after returning I find myself seeing so many next actions to take but you help me to realize I need to focus on one thing. So I’m focusing on connecting with the people that I met and then working to solidify the work I did at the conference And move forward in that direction.thank you for your wisdom and insight. I look forward to following you and connecting in the future.

    May 30, 2016
    • adamsuter

      Awesome! How is it going Jason?

      July 1, 2016