Questions to Consider as You Head Toward Your Quarterly Offsite

I’m two weeks away from my next Quarterly Offsite! Excited! It is going to be a great time of rest, renewal and refocusing.

Here some questions you should consider for a Quarterly Offsite:

1) How am I going to rest on the retreat? Make plans to be offline from email, social media, texts, phone calls, etc. That’s why I call it an “Offsite.” You are not available. Make plans for times of prayer, physical activity and a nap (or two).

2) What will I read, watch or listen to on this Quarterly Offsite? Typically I include content that is inspiring, spiritually refreshing and/or goal focused. There is so much great content, you can’t get to all of it in one retreat. Save what you don’t get to for the next time around.

3) What decisions must be made on this retreat? Perhaps you have been asked to consider a new position, project or opportunity. What do you need to do in order to be in a place to make this decision and move forward in one direction or the other?

First Timers
If this is your first time doing a Quarterly Offsite, let me add a few suggestions.

1) 2 Days – I recommend at least 24 hours of retreating. Your stage in life may allow you more or less time, and may dictate that you get creative. In an ideal world, I’d spend 2 nights somewhere, but I cannot currently do this each quarter. Over the holidays, we had family events at night, so I would offsite during the day, join the family at night and then head back to my offsite location for bed. One time I had to work some, so I did the Offsite in the evenings and from 6:00 am to noon. This is not ideal. I recommend getting completely away, but do not let circumstances keep you from getting to your Offsite.

2) Location – I currently offsite not far from home. You may need to go further away in order to do it well for you. When I can, I do get away.

3) Schedule – Determine a general schedule for the Offsite. Depending on your personality, a rigid schedule may stress you out. You don’t want that, but give yourself some structure. When are you going to get up? What do you definitely need in order to be rested and successful after your Offsite? Make sure these happen.

4) Vision – My first Offsites were actually Vision Retreats. It was a time of refocusing on my calling and vision. Now, this is a small part of my Quarterly Offsite. However, if you do not have a clare vision for your life, make this the priority for this first Offsite.

5) Relax – You cannot really mess this up. Take notes on what you enjoy and find helpful so you can include them for the next time.

What questions do you have for me about doing a Quarterly Offsite? I’d love to help. Please feel free to ask in the comments section or on social media.

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