2016 Q2 Quarterly Offsite

Last week I did my Q2 Offsite. It was fabulous! I sent this text to my wife after the first day.

Day 1: Create, Learn, Serve


As mentioned before, I typically look at 3 areas and I categorize them in the following way:

Create – What am I going to work on this next 90 days? This then directs my schedule and leads to an Ideal Week.

Learn – What books, podcasts, etc am I going to be reading and listening to this quarter? I can’t read it all, but I can do some.

Serve – Who are my priority relationships? Who has God brought into my life that needs to be a priority? Remember, if you try to help everyone, focus on all relationships, meet with everyone, you will help no one and just have shallow relationships.

Thanks to my wife, this is the first Offsite in awhile where I had two full days. I was able to get most everything done the first day, so I had a whole second day to focus on my faith.

When I say “most everything done,” what I mean is that I have a few areas that I do not have all the information I need to really make a good plan yet. There were still two weeks left in this Quarter when I was making these plans. Not a problem. Do not let this paralyze you. Even when you think you know everything, you don’t.

This is why I always leave margin…for a new project (Create), new book recommendation (Learn), new relationship (Serve) that might come up during the Quarter. (Notice I used the singular in the past sentence. You are not going to be able to say yes to every new project, new book or relationship. This why we have these boundaries.)

Day 2: Spiritual Life Plan
For awhile now, I have had multiple things I have wanted to do and books I’ve wanted to read to grow my faith. On Day 2, I started with some significant time with the Lord. Then I spent several hours creating a Spiritual Life Plan.

More on this in the future, or you can message me if you want more details now. The main thing is I have so many resources and ideas for growing my faith that I had become overwhelmed. I was not doing any of these ideas. I was not reading any of these books, articles, websites. My Prayer Life and Scripture Reading were nearly nonexistent.

So, I put everything down in one place. Then I made some decisions on what I would not use, do or read. Lastly I made a plan for what would be a priority for me. I now have a plan for a daily devotional, a longer weekly devotional, as well as for holidays and times of travel. I am very excited about getting to it!

Are you going to do a Quarterly Offsite? What is yours going to look like? Please share in the comments section below, on social media or in an email

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