The Momentum of Discipline

At any given time, I am working on increasing my discipline across a variety of areas of my life. Whether it be Inbox Zero for work, reading my Bible and praying, or spending more and better time with my family, I am always looking to improve. There are regularly habits I’m trying to break and habits I’m trying to start.

Discipline is an interesting thing. The more you have it, the more you get. Discipline creates momentum for more discipline. 

In The Power of Habit, the author, Charles Duhigg, discusses Keystone Habits. Broadly speaking, these are habits that drive our lives and as a result, lead to other habits. There is a multiplying affect.

This week, I have struggled with a habit or two and it has similarly dominoed into my other habits causing a chain reaction. Have you ever had that happen? Is that how you feel right now?

Time to get back at it. Choose today to get back to your regular routine in one area of your life, that one area where you know you need it most. Just focus on this one area for now. It will help give you momentum to pick back up where you left off with the other areas of your life.

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