Can You Be Artistic and Make a Living?

I believe so! In fact, I believe it is critical, when choosing a career to have the following 3 components. Your work must do each of these.
1) Move You. What do you love to do? It is so important to love what you do. It needs to get you out of bed in the morning. It is worth the struggle to seek and find work you love.
2) Make a Difference. What are you able to do or produce that changes lives? If you are only doing something to provide income and something you are passionate about, but you are not touching lives, it will not work. Seek to be the best and impact other’s lives.
3) Make Money. What is your strategy for making income from your service or product that you love and that you are able to change lives with? Without a model for income, you just have a hobby. Hobbies are good, but you must be intentional financially to make a living.
Join me at Innovate, May 26-27, in Franklin, Tennessee. We will learn how it is possible to make a living doing work you love. In addition to the awesome 48 Days Team and great speakers, you will get to interact with other artists and entrepreneurs seeking to do work that moves them, makes a difference and makes a living.

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What keeps you from doing work you love? Do you struggle with finding your passion, work you excel at or work that provides income for you? Please share in the comments section or on social media.


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