How Are You Growing Your Prayer Life?

Last month, I mentioned how I’m growing in my prayer life. One of the things I am doing to grow is going to a church that believes in prayer. The second thing I am doing is using the prayers of others, primarily through prayer books.

Initially I did not like this idea. I come from a background that believes prayer is a conversation and you shouldn’t pray someone else’s prayer. You would never talk to your spouse from a memorized script would you? Well then you should not talk to God like this either.

Then I realized that I get cards for my wife all the time with someone else’s words. She likes them. Also, I sing songs at church that someone else wrote. In some churches you repeat these songs over and over. Hmm. I think God appreciates this worship.

So I still pray using my own words. I also use prayer books to help me. I also listen to God. I a work in progress.

What are you doing to grow your prayer life? Please share in the comments or on social media.

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