5 Realizations I’ve Had While Writing My First Book

Whoa! It has been 2 months since I started writing my book. This is why I have posted nothing on the blog recently. Please forgive me.

During this journey I have come to several realizations I’d like to share with you. Maybe these can encourage you whether you are writing a book or doing some other big project for the first time.

1) Writing the book is a very small part of the process. Especially with this being my first run at writing and publishing, there is a lot of technology and other roadblocks. I am pushing through though and will be launching in the near future.

2) Done is better than perfect. You can always make changes and reupload books to Kindle, CreateSpace and Audible. Just get it done!

3) It is a marathon, not a sprint. So it is important to pace yourself with your time and emotions. I had a lot of energy early on but got sideswiped by the non-writing part of writing a book. I’ve come out of this valley and am moving forward. I can do it!

4) Writing a book is fun. At the end of the day, it really is a lot of fun writing a book. More importantly, I am looking forward to my book helping people. After all, this is why I’m writing it.

5) I’m going to do this again. Of course, being an Idea Addict, I already have plans for another book. One thing at a time though. The next book is a few years out.

Whether you are thinking about writing a book, have already started or are working on the non-writing part now, I just want to say one thing. You can do it! Don’t give up. Your message is worth getting out there.

Do you have any tips for first-time writers? Please share in the comments section or on social media.

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  1. Holly

    Great advice, Adam. I’ve had this on my to do list since Innovate, but as you say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I would add (from experience 😉 ) It’s hard to know where to start, so JUST START!

    August 20, 2016
    • adamsuter

      Absolutely. Great call Holly. It is one of those things that can take weeks, months or years depending on what you decide. Getting started is the first step.

      August 23, 2016