Get The Most Out Of Catalyst

One of the highlights of my year is attending the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. As I look back, the themes that stand out to me are Be Present (several years ago) and Awaken the Wonder (2015). I am excited about the 2016 Catalyst!
If you are an Idea Addict like me, Catalyst inspires you and propels you forward in you life and work. The ideas, quotes, stories and connections are AMAZING!
However, sometimes when I go to a big conference, I get overwhelmed by all the ideas. They can be crippling and I get paralyzed with what to actually do with all of them.
This is why I’ve created my 10 Idea Addict Tips for Big Conferences. Here are the first four tips. If you would like a FREE copy of all 10, you can grab the PDF below.

10 Idea Addict Tips for Big Conferences

#1 Attend the conference with another Idea Addict.
#2 Meet at least 3 new people each day. Ideas: Social Media. Tables. Lunch Lines. Don’t eat alone.
#3 Create a list of notes and questions as you listen.
#4 Decide on 1-3 takeaways to implement and put a date by each.
Grab all 10 tips here. Make sure to share any tips you have, as well as your Catalyst 2016 Takeaways in the comments below. 
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  1. Holly

    This is fantastic, Adam.

    As an introvert, starting conversations with people can be terrifying, but breaking it down to just 3 per day makes it seem more palatable. I love that. Something I like to do is compliment people on the work they’re doing or something they said. It makes it much easier for me to strike up a conversation.

    I also love number 4. I’m good at taking notes and seeing the big picture. But I need to get better at setting firm dates. By nature I’m slow and it takes me a long time to complete projects.

    For number 6, I love to sit down and put all of my notes into Evernote. That way I have them when I lose the conference materials and I commit them to memory by rewriting them.

    Number 7 is key and so many people don’t do this.

    Thanks for putting this great list together!

    October 6, 2016
    • adamsuter

      Thanks Holly! Do you have any tips? Really appreciate your comments and thoughts.

      October 7, 2016
      • Holly

        Just the Evernote tip. Then review monthly! Get the most out of your investment. 😉

        October 7, 2016
        • adamsuter

          Thanks Holly!

          October 19, 2016