Technology Break

It is time for me to do another technology break. Planning to be offline for about 14 days.

Why am I doing this?

Great question. Over the past several years, I have heard many experts encourage a technology fast. Many suggest doing this one day a week. Other have encouraged one week a year, or more.

The benefits of taking a break are widespread. Here are a few I have enjoyed in the past:

  • Not having to look constantly at notifications on my phone.
  • Less screen time.
  • More face to face time.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Quieting my mind.
  • Less distractions.

What exactly are you going to stop doing?

I have tried several different things over the years. Consider what might be best for you, not what everyone else is doing or not doing. Here are some ideas. You might choose all of them or just one.

  1. Social Media
  2. Email
  3. Smartphone
  4. Laptop
  5. All Screens

Whether you are choosing one or multiple options, there will be a benefit. Whether you do it for a day, a week or longer, you will return renewed.

Please share in the comments section. Have you ever taken a technology break? What were the benefits? What was difficult?

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