Fear and Margin


As I looked down at my newly brewed cup of tea this morning, I noticed that I had not filled up my cup. There was plenty of room for more tea.

Sure, I would not spill it. This is the advantage of margin. Things do not get out of control. Life does not spill over and burn you.

On the other hand, I would be missing out on two to three sips of my precious tea. This fear of missing out (FOMO) nearly led me to fill up my cup. Had I done so, I would have had to either carefully and slowly transported the tea OR (and yes, we sometimes choose this one) I would have quickly moved to my working position, burning myself and making a mess.

Is this not like life? We know having margin will make our life better. Instead, though, our fear of missing out consumes us and we choose to live an overfull cup.

Live differently. Do not let your fear of missing out rob you of the peace and joy that comes from margin.

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