Between Jobs?

Are you between jobs? This can be a very challenging time emotionally. In addition to your job search, make sure to do the following. It will really help you stay sane.

1) Don’t freak out. Remain calm. You can choose to do this. Also, it will make your interviews and job searching much better.

2) Establish habits. You normally fill a full work week with activities. You probably are used to going into an office. Being at home can be disorienting. Establish some habits and a daily routine.

3) Read. Consider this a time for self-improvement. Use it to read, listen to podcasts, etc. Improve yourself for the next job.

4) Exercise. It will help your mind stay healthy.

5) Get a coach. Especially if you are having trouble finding or creating work that fits you.

6) See the Opportunity. What makes this time difficult is you do not know when it will end. If you did however, you might actually enjoy it more. Rest. Spend time with your loved ones. Improve yourself. Get that list of stuff done at home. Decide to make this a time of growth.

Anything to add? Do you have any tips for staying sane in the midst of being between jobs?

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