Spiritual Life Planning

I’m looking to make some changes. Doing some spiritual life planning.

What do you do to be intentional about your spiritual growth? How are you growing closer to Jesus?

What habits do you have? What spiritual disciplines are a regular part of your life? What do you read?

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  1. Rob Froehbrodt

    Solitude is one of the disciplines I pursue the most. The world is loud, fast-paced and always vying for our attention at the expense of so much. I have structured in a “day away” every six to eight weeks so that I can immerse myself in a powerful time of refreshment and re-energizing. This day begins early, is enjoyed away from home outdoors in nature and includes a mix of music, silence, re-reading notes I’ve made in the past, scripture reading, silence, prayer, physical exercise, silence and listening. Returning home with a new insight or encouragement provides the energy needed to accomplish the next segment of life.

    January 31, 2017
    • adamsuter

      Love this Rob! Thank you. I do something like this on my Quarterly Offsites. I also, typically, spend a couple hours each week hiking/walking and having some solitude. Love your unique approach. Very helpful.

      January 31, 2017