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What is a Bullet Journal?

There is a lot of flexibility with how you use a Bullet Journal (BuJo). Essentially it is a non-digital way to keep track of your calendar, tasks, ideas…and the list goes on.

Why would you not just use digital tools?

Different reasons for different folks. For me, I was looking to reduce distractions and noise. At the same time, I wanted to be productive and focus on the right things. I was looking for a simpler solution.

Where do I begin?

For those just starting out with a Bullet Journal, I recommend limiting yourself to just a couple blog posts on the topic. Then, just get going. Do not get overwhelmed by all the different ways people do it.

Two great resources include:

1) This Blog Post: How to Bullet Journal: The Absolute Ultimate Guide

2) This Private Facebook Group: Minimalist Bullet Journals

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