Become an Idea Addict

“How do you become an Idea Addict?”

I was definitely surprised by the question, but loved it! Here is how you can become an Idea Addict…

Time: How are you spending your time? It is important to work on things that inspire you, make a difference and provide for you. Margin with your time is also a key factor. To be an Idea Addict, you must have time to ideate (yes, that is a word…one of my favorites).

Information: What you put in your mind changes everything. Idea Addicts are life-long learners. Whether you prefer learning by reading, listening, through conferences, etc, make sure you are consuming content. One caveat, do not overdo this. Be intentional, but not an overeater. Limit marketing and other distractions as well.

People: Do you know any Idea Addicts? If not, begin looking for them. We are all around you. 😉 While you wait, be intentional about who you spend the most time with professionally and personally. Very few things influence you more than the people with whom you spend your time.

Want to become an Idea Addict? Why? What would that allow you to do? 

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