Hearing God’s Voice

A friend once shared with me that God was calling him to move across the country and go to seminary.

I responded by asking him, “What is her name?”

He then told me the name of the girl he was interested in.

There is a skepticism to the idea of hearing God’s voice. At least for me, I struggle a bit with the concept, both in my life and when I hear others talk about hearing from God.

Can God speak so specifically to us?

Does God want to speak directly to us?

No matter our background view on this subject, we must learn to align our views with Scripture, rather than aligning Scripture with our beliefs.

It appears, in God’s Word, that he does speak specifically to his people. Some will say this does not happen anymore. Where does the Bible say this?

Jesus, speak to us. Amen.

Do you hear God’s voice? What does that look like for you?

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  1. Holly


    Great post.

    May 7, 2017
    • adamsuter

      Thanks so much Holly!

      May 8, 2017