The Lonely Nonprofiter

Are you a lonely nonprofiter?

Feel like you are doing it all on your own? Maybe you have volunteers, but you still feel exhausted and alone.

You need help.

You need people to step up with their time.

You need people to give not just their time but their money too.

I have been there. It can be really tough. Let me help. Two things.

First, do you know what you would have someone do if they were available 5-10 hours a month, or possibly even 5-10 hours a week? Once you can say “yes” to this, make sure you cast vision by painting a picture of what it would look like to serve with you.

Second, have you asked for help? I mean literally asked, very specifically, with clarity. Do not be passive aggressive. Do not guilt people. Invite them to join you.

The work you are doing is valuable. It is changing lives. Otherwise you would not be doing it.

Assume people want to join you. Then go out and ask them.

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