Deciding On A Career

Having trouble making a decision on a clear career path?

Wanting to change careers?

Job Searching
If you are hunting for a job, there is one significant barrier to you finding the job of your dreams, work that matters. How are you going to get your resume to stand out from the other 200 resumes and job applicants applying for the same position?

Start a Business
If you are an entrepreneur, wanting to start your own business, there is one significant roadblock to you creating work that matters, that makes a difference in the world. You are trying to go in multiple directions at the same time. This will keep you running in place. I call it Vision ADD.

Vision ADD is the pursuit of many callings rather than the vision for the one purpose for which you were made. It is the choice to have multiple rather than one priority.

If you need help with Vision ADD, I’d love to serve you. Grab a copy of the eBook or physical book here.

Also, you can check out my Vision ADD Page here.

Get moving. You can do work that matters. You can make a difference doing work you love. 

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