My Favorite Thing About Jesus

There are some great things to love about Jesus.

He told awesome stories. He helped people. He inspires people to live better lives.

He did miracles. He pushed back against an oppressive religious system.

But, for me, there is one thing I love about Jesus above all else. One thing stands out above all the rest. One thing is consistent through multiple stories of Scripture.

My favorite thing about Jesus is how sinners enjoyed being in his presence.

It is so fascinating to me. People who lived lives very different from Jesus, were not put off by his perfection. They actually wanted to be around him.

In fact, they loved being around Jesus!

The surprising thing is that he did not avoid talking about sin either. And when he did talk about sin, they did not feel less loved in that moment.

It seems as if they actually felt more loved.

How did he do this?

I’m not really sure, but he and I have been talking about it. I’m hoping, as I seek to be like Jesus…and as we deal with my sin…that he will teach me how to better love people. I long to be able to go beyond the superficial, have difficult conversations, but still communicate deep compassion.

Have you noticed this about Jesus? So what about you? What is your favorite thing about Jesus?

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