Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

One of our goals as a family is to help our children identify one passion they have and turn it into a business.

Our hope is for them to have a way to provide for themselves before they go to college.

To start off, we are looking at what they cannot stop doing. For example, one of our kids loves to cook. No one is allowed to cook in her presence without her help. She is willing to try any type of food. Since she was two, she has enjoyed watching cooking shows.

Sounds like a passion! The key is looking for that one thing they cannot stop doing.

Later they may choose to only make this passion a hobby, but for now, we want to help set them up to be able to use it to provide for themselves.

Anyone else out there trying to raise entrepreneurial kids? What are you doing to set your kids up well?

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  1. Holly

    Kudos to you!

    So often I see parents push their kids toward what will make them look good. Or the thing they never got to do. Or may favorite … something that will make a lot of money so that they can take care of their parents when they get old.

    Recognizing and nurturing those passions is such an excellent start. Keep up the great work!

    June 8, 2017
    • adamsuter

      Thanks Holly. Our hope is that following passions will provide well also. I know we are on the same page there.

      Heard an interesting story recently. A friend followed his passion, and that of his friends, down the art field. Now he says he should have been a computer programer. Fascinating! Not sure what to do with that story.

      June 12, 2017
      • Holly

        It’s clearly not as simple as one passion or career for life. And honestly, sometimes things we are passionate about are not good careers for us. For example, I love cooking, I’m totally calm and in the zone when I’m in the kitchen. But cooking as a career, as a chef in a restaurant = bad, bad, bad fit! Creating recipes in a lab might be ok. It’s a lifelong journey of making all of the pieces fit together. Plus we change and grow, and must be willing to adjust with that. Anyway, you’re on the right path for sure!

        What does your friend not like about art? Why does he think programming would be better? Is the pursuing programming?

        June 18, 2017
        • adamsuter

          Not sure. He has done graphic design for several years. Now he is doing graphic design and youth ministry at a church, while pursuing a ministry degree. 🙂

          Agreed that our passions and careers will change. I think my goal is to help my kids pursue their passion (rather than pointing them towards something they could do but are not passionate about) and set them up to have something they know they can fall back on financially.

          I do know though, that these passions may end up as hobbies, rather than careers. That is fine.

          June 23, 2017