Prepare For Your Quarterly Offsite

It is mid June. Time to take a final look at your goals from the second quarter and start preparing for your Quarterly Offsite. Let the fun begin!

Why Quarterly Offsite
I do a personal retreat every quarter to help me rest, rejuvenate, set goals and prepare for the next 90 days. For me, annual goals are a bit too much. So many things happen in the course of a year to change them. So quarterly goals work better for me.

The Basics
Typically I set aside two days for my Offsite. Usually it includes the following:

  • Getting away from home.

  • Turning off interruptions, including devices, email, texting, etc.

  • Spending the night. Though this does not always get to happen.

  • Evaluating my previous quarter’s goals.

  • Looking at my vision. This may be personal or for your business, or both.

  • Going through every idea I have about this next quarter. I keep an ongoing list in Evernote.

  • Filtering my ideas to make clear goals for this next quarter.

You may be thinking, “More details please!” If that is you, please let me know. I’d be happy to help you personally and even do another post. You can comment below or email me here

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