Don’t Live Alone

This post is not directly connected to my previous post Feeling Alone? Decrease Your Circles.

I’m not suggesting you don’t live alone because you might be lonely, or as an option for you. I think, in general, we are not met to live alone.

Think about it. When in history has one lived alone? You literally couldn’t for survival purposes.

I think there is more to it than that though. We are wired for community. We are met to live in community.

Living alone, among other things, leads us to getting our way in everything. I want my way just like everyone else, but this is not very helpful for meaningful relationships or for doing life well.

Action Time
So, if you are single, don’t live alone. I would even challenge you to not have your own room, but I know that sounds crazy.

If you have a family, add extended family or friends. Put your kids in a room together. I promise they won’t die.


Wow, this post was a little more aggressive than my typical posts. Hmm. I think this comes from seeing and hearing how lonely people are. More importantly though, I think it comes from seeing how individualism, while a virtue in our culture, is really hurting us. For more on this, read Tribe by Sebastian Junger. It is very compelling.

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