Funding Your Nonprofit Is All About One Thing

People don’t give to projects.

People don’t give to organizations.

People give to people.

Specifically, people give to people they know, love and trust.

If you want your nonprofit, ministry or church to thrive financially, you must do one thing. All of the training around raising funds centers around this one thing. If you are doing all the updates, newsletters, social media posts, phone calls, and meetings but not accomplishing this, you need to start over. It all comes down to this…

Are you building trust? 

All of the different strategies are geared to do this. If your strategies are not building trust, then you need to come up with a different plan.

It is not about strategies after all. It is about people. You are in the nonprofit space to help people. There is no difference when it comes to raising funds. Relationships are everything.

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