What Kind Of “Collector” Are You?

I love books!

I would not consider myself a “collector.” I’m more of a “hoarder.” There are more books in my house than I could possibly ever read. Regularly, I am adding more to my “collection” and others help me with my addiction.

Because I am an Idea Addict, I have quite an array of books. They cross the span of genres. And I seem to be finding new ones all the time.

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to help a friend move. This friend is also a book hoarder. He is older than me and has a larger collection. He plans to never let a book go.

At one point in the unloading process, I had the opportunity to be the guy on the moving truck that touched every box coming off the truck. I got to hold every box of my friend’s books. Wow was that a sobering experience!

At that moment, I decided I need to get rid of some books! I thought, “I do not want this to be me.”

No offense to my friend, or to any other book collectors out there. My situation was pretty severe though. Can you relate?

Do you have more books than you can ever read?

Do you have books on subjects you will never have time to learn about?

Have you ever referenced those reference books you need?

Are you really ever going to give away those books you are saving for the perfect person?

I had another thought on this subject not too long ago. I realized I am not a book collector. I am a coach. Yes, books are important, but I really do not need all these books. There are these cool places called libraries and bookstores. And I am not running either of these.

This same friend once told me, “I don’t have time for good books. I only have time for great books.” It is true. I get a new book recommended to me every couple of days. I can’t read them all, nor should I try.

Start looking for great books. When you find one, keep it and reread it regularly. Let it soak in.

This journey has led me to look at other areas of my life where I hoard for no reason at all. I have begun to ask the following questions:

1) Am I a _________ collector? No. I am a coach. I don’t need to hoard _________.

2) Why am I hoarding _________?

3) How do I stop the inflow?

4) How can I best get rid of _________?

5) How can I enjoy _________ without becoming a hoarder?

Are you a book collector, aka book hoarder? What else are you hoarding? Let it go. Do not let hoarding rob you of the best things in life…relationships.

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