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What Kind Of “Collector” Are You?

I love books!
I would not consider myself a “collector.” I’m more of a “hoarder.” There are more books in my house than I could possibly ever read. Regularly, I am adding more to my “collection” and others help me with my addiction.
Because I am an …

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Bullet Journal Update

It is official. I have been using a Bullet Journal for one year now. I’m still liking it and planning to stick with it.
Two ways it has helped me include:
1) Reducing the number of tasks that stay on my list without getting done. Because I …

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Increase Productivity with a Weekly Review

With all the things you have going on, it is probably hard to keep everything straight.
Something I’ve been doing for over a decade is a Weekly Review. I spend one to two hours a week looking through the previous week, my goals and the following …

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Prepare For Your Quarterly Offsite

It is mid June. Time to take a final look at your goals from the second quarter and start preparing for your Quarterly Offsite. Let the fun begin!
Why Quarterly Offsite
I do a personal retreat every quarter to help me rest, rejuvenate, set goals and prepare …

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Be Careful Introverts and Extroverts

Recently I wrote about Introverts and Extroverts.
A word of caution.
Introverts, sometimes you think you do not need people. You live like a hermit and hide away. This is not healthy…for you, for others or for society. We need you.
Extroverts, sometimes you develop too many shallow relationships. …

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What Needs To Stop?

What are you doing that you do not really need to be doing?
What are you telling yourself you need to do that you don’t need to do?
What are other people (or culture) telling you to do (or be) that you do not need to do …

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Introverts and Extroverts

Introverts gain energy by being alone.
Extroverts gain energy by being with people.
I know some introverts who are excellent with people. They love people. They have deep relationships. They are able to communicate well with people one on one, in groups and from a stage.
I know …

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Read Great Books

A friend once shared with me that he does not have time to read good books. He only has time to read great books.
The same is true for me…and for you.
Stop reading just any book.
Don’t even read good books.
There are too many great books out …

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A Chance Meeting

“A chance meeting is worth 1,000 appointments” ~ Arab Proverb
Agree or Disagree?

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I’d Like A Little Conflict

Okay. Not really. No one wants conflict.
Like everyone else, I prefer to avoid conflict. It makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it.
However, in newer relationships, I have to admit, that I get a little excited when I see conflict raising its ugly head.
Because conflict will …

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