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Become and remain Fully Funded as your ministry or nonprofit grows. Whether you are starting a new work or growing an existing one, Launch is for you.
Join a network of other Idea Addict Entrepreneurs and Nonprofiters as we commit to being Fully Funded.


  • Monthly Mastermind Call – In this 90 minute group coaching call you will have the opportunity to learn from other difference-makers like yourself as you grow and expand your fundraising. We will share resources and help one another overcome our fundraising fears and roadblocks.
  • Monthly Video Resource – Adam will share from his 10 plus years of experience in donor development. These 5-10 minute video resources will motivate and equip you to better pursue and build trust with your donors and potential donors.
  • Online Community – Need help? Ask Adam and your other Launch Members via our online community. We will work together to move each of us from point A to point B in our development efforts.

Raise more money in half the time with less stress.

The Process

1) Fill out the Launch Application.
2) Schedule your FREE 15 minute Fundraising Strategy Session with Adam.
3) Make your final decision.

Raise monthly support every week. Make donor development part of your regular rhythm.

Commit to growing your ministry or nonprofit. Go all in with fundraising. You are not alone. Be among the Fully Funded!

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