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Calling All Idea Addicts

Hello Friends, Family and Blog Readers,
I need your help. I’m working on making some changes to my blog. I want to get a little more specific in who reads my blog and who I help with my coaching.
I’m moving toward my audience being people who, …

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2 Platform Resources

Are you working on building your personal or nonprofit platform? Perhaps you are trying to start a blog. Maybe you are attempting to fit social media into your your busy small business life.
Michael Hyatt recently released two fantastic podcast episodes to help you and me …

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Start Blogging

It’s time to start your blog. You’ve been thinking about it for awhile. You have considered the pros and cons of why you should blog. Now you need to make it happen.
Where do you start? Well, I still have a lot to learn about being …

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Why Blog? 10 Reasons Your Small Business Should Blog Even If No One Reads It

Have you ever wondered if blogging is worth the time investment? Does your business (nonprofit or for-profit) really need a blog? I believe the answer is a resounding YES! Here are 10 reasons why.
1) Help Others – Do you want to be a successful business? …

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Comments or No Comments?

I have a question for you, do you like having the option to leave comments at the end of a blog post? Why? Why not?
This month, Michael Hyatt made a big change in his policy on comments. For a long time he has been really big …

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Start Your Platform

Still not sure about starting an online platform? There are many reasons for starting a platform, whether you are an individual, business owner, nonprofiter or minister. These are 3 reasons why I started an online platform.
1) To Add Value to Friends, Volunteers and Donors. I …

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One Blog or Two?

Are you a solo nonprofiter? Perhaps you are a minister with few or no staff. Or maybe you serve the homeless but don’t have a lot of administrative support. Blogging is important for your organization, but it can feel all consuming.
Why Blog?
If you are new …

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How Is Your Nonprofit Using Blogging, Social Media, eNewsletters and eAsks?

For my nonprofit, I have been blogging and doing eNewsletters for several years. In the past 2 to 3 years, however, I have stepped up our game and added social media and the eAsk to our mix.
“eAsk?” Yeah, you heard it here first. 😉 What …

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Blogging Tip #2: Pick One Social Media

I know, you feel like you need to be on every social media. Everyone else is, right?
Wrong! Most people are not active on more than one social media. If they are, they are either not getting anything done or they have a team of people …

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I’m Back!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging the past few weeks. This is because I’ve been doing a 3 week long Kid’s Camp through Mid-City Ministries. Forgive me. I’m back.
This brings up a good question. Which is more important, doing your nonprofit work …

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