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The Momentum of Discipline

At any given time, I am working on increasing my discipline across a variety of areas of my life. Whether it be Inbox Zero for work, reading my Bible and praying, or spending more and better time with my family, I am always looking to improve. …

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How Do You Change A Habit? Step 1, Read This Book!

“Every habit can be changed.” – Charles Duhigg
Do you believe it? I heard Charles Duhigg speak and he said these words. It seems crazy, I know. Here’s another…
“Researchers have found willpower is the single greatest corollary to future success.”
Duhigg went on to say that willpower …

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Book Recommendation: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg


At the Catalyst Conference last week Charles Duhigg spoke on his book, The Power of Habit. He discussed how our brains work when it comes to habits and how we can make or break habits. His findings involved a lot of research and was fascinating.
In fact, …

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