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I Believe in Coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. I really believe in coaching. Currently I have a couple different coaches helping me in multiple areas of my life. I have found that having a …

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Job Idea #3: Car Maintenance Coach

For years I was blessed to have an amazing mechanic to take care of my, my family and my friends’ cars. Tommy became a good friend and we still connect from time to time. He does amazing work, knows everything about cars and does not …

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What’s New March 2016

Some great changes to the site this week:

Coaching – As mentioned last time, I have removed the 4 categories from my coaching page in order to better reflect my focus on Idea Addicts. You can see the new Value Proposition there as well. I help Idea Addicts find clarity and …

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Spring 2016 Events

There are some amazing events coming up in the next couple of months. Would love to have you join me.
Lift Training (April 23 in Marietta, GA) – If you are raising funds for your nonprofit or ministry, this event is for you. Whether you are …

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Calling All Idea Addicts

Hello Friends, Family and Blog Readers,
I need your help. I’m working on making some changes to my blog. I want to get a little more specific in who reads my blog and who I help with my coaching.
I’m moving toward my audience being people who, …

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What’s New? 7/27/15

Some great changes to the site this week:
New Page:

Groups Page – This will be where I put our latest Facebook Bible Study Group info. We are starting the August Psalms Challenge on August 1st. Join us!

New Categories:

Masterpiece – This will be an overarching category to …

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Step Into It

“What do you do?”
I roll my eyes and begin to answer all the things I am currently involved in from my transition from nonprofit work into coaching…consulting and wherever else this leads me. After a long answer to a simple question, everyone listening has a …

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Coaching: Ready. Set. Go!

I have launched my Coaching business! As mentioned previously, this May I went to Dan Miller’s Coaching with Excellence. Leaving the event, I set July 1st as my deadline for having something up on my site.
On June 30th, I went live with my Coaching Page!
With …

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Coaching with Excellence May 2015

This past week I went to Coaching with Excellence by Dan Miller of 48Days.com, 48Days.net and 48 Days to the Work You Love. It was AMAZING! Thank you to Dan, his family and their team for putting it on.
Going into the training I had 3 …

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One Reason Everyone Needs a Coach

Recently I was talking with a small business owner friend of mine about coaching. He gets Executive Coaching and has really benefitted from it. The same day I attended (online) #AccelerateGiving where Andy Stanley spoke.
As always, I loved what Andy had to say and took a …

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