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Use Your Words

Person A: “Umm, I’m not sure he understands.”
Person B: “Oh, he doesn’t understand.”
Person A: “What?! How do you know?”
Person B: “Have you told him what you are thinking?”
Person A: “Well, no, but…”
Person B: “Then he doesn’t understand.”
Remember, no one can read your mind. If you …

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You are Wrong!

When I was a kid, every once in awhile, my dad would say something that would stick with me. I don’t know if he realized it at the time, but some of those lines and stories would become foundational to me. He probably wasn’t thinking …

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2 Tips for Living with Extended Family

Next month marks one year of living together as an extended family of 6 with my Mom. I have to say it has been pretty cool. My Mom and I work together from home as well.
Not sure if there are very many of you out there …

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Start Your Platform

Still not sure about starting an online platform? There are many reasons for starting a platform, whether you are an individual, business owner, nonprofiter or minister. These are 3 reasons why I started an online platform.
1) To Add Value to Friends, Volunteers and Donors. I …

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Men Only: Resource for Dads and Husbands

Yes, men only. So if you are a woman, please flip to the next post. 🙂
A friend on Facebook shared 10 Questions to Ask Your Wife Every Year. Great read. Guys, this is good. And don’t tell Michelle, my wife, about it. I plan to …

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What Your Responsiveness Communicates to Your Team, Co-workers, and Others.

“You communicate all the wrong things when you’re not responsive.” Bryan Miles
This is so true. If I can give you one piece of advice when it comes to working with others it is this, Be Responsive. If someone emails you, email them back, even if …

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