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4 Steps to Killing Creativity

If you want to kill creativity in a person, organization, ministry, etc, I recommend the following.
1) “We Have Never Done That”
Go ahead, let you decision making be led by this phrase. Decide to never do anything you have not already done. This is a great …

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Spring 2016 Events

There are some amazing events coming up in the next couple of months. Would love to have you join me.
Lift Training (April 23 in Marietta, GA) – If you are raising funds for your nonprofit or ministry, this event is for you. Whether you are …

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Intentional Creativity

“What does that mean?”
You are probably thinking, “You either are creative or you are not.”
Or, if you are an artistic type, perhaps you would say, “You can’t manufacture creativity. It comes and goes.”
I would like to push back to both of you. Here are two …

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Thank You Catalyst

Dear Catalyst,
Thank you for Catalyst 2015 Awaken the Wonder. I’ve been to several Catalysts now and I always take away something. However, this year was different. It is sticking. I think there are 3 reasons for this.
First off, the theme (Awaken the Wonder) really resonated …

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Productive Creativity: Helping Creatives Manage Time and Create with Excellence

Creativity has always been a high value for me. I would not put myself on the super creative end when matched up against all creatives on the planet. However, I do love to create and am absolutely captivated by the creativity of others.
So why a …

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Michelangelo Quote


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Creativity: Blessing or Curse?

If I received a dollar for every time I had an idea, I would be so rich I could end world hunger. “I have an idea” is pretty much my favorite phrase. There is a good chance it drives those closest to me a little …

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