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Undistracted: Techniques for the Undisciplined Mind

One of the biggest roadblocks in my personal and professional life is that I am easily distracted. Whether it be a task, a person or a new opportunity, I find it difficult to remain focused. Because of this, I sometimes stray and my otherwise disciplined …

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Best Evernote Post Ever: 57 Ways To Use Evernote

If you don’t know by now, I love Evernote. After all, it is my most useful productivity tool. I use it for ideas, task management, and, of course, to remember everything.
From time to time, I run across people who have tried it but are struggling …

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Powerbot: My Secret for Integrating Evernote and Gmail

One of the challenges of Inbox Zero, that is clearing your email inbox daily, are 1) emails that require additional work (anything over 2 minutes) and/or 2) emails requiring you to come back to them at a future date. I absolutely love seeing an empty …

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My Evernote ScanSnap


As I mentioned previously, I recently got an Evernote ScanSnap. I am looking forward to setting it up and using it. It is going to be a great addition to my productivity toolkit.
Still brainstorming, but here are some of the things I am considering it …

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2015 Birthday List Update: Time with Friends & Family, Crescent City Cafe and Evernote ScanSnap

I was already having an amazing birthday. I had been able to check off many of the highlights from my birthday list.
#19 A walk with the family. Check.
#18 Chinese food for dinner…with my family! Check.
#7 Cup of tea at the end of the day, on …

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My 2015 Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday, so I can ask for whatever I want, right? Well, I thought I would come up with a list of 10 things, but I got carried away.
Some of the things on my list, I am actually going to get. Others are not …

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Getting Started: How To Structure Your Evernote

When I first started considering Evernote, I did some research. I looked at other products and also considered how I might structure Evernote. My fear was getting going and then later wanting to change the structure, but already having too much in place and thus …

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How To Stop Forgetting Where You Put Stuff

Recently I have developed a problem with forgetting where I have put stuff. Okay, my wife, Michelle, may beg to differ as to how recent this issue is, but since I’m writing the post, I’m saying it is recent. There are benefits to having the …

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How do you Remember Something when you are in a RUSH!?!

You are on the go. You have an idea or hear something you want to remember. What do you do?
Write it down in Evernote? No. You are on the go.
Audio note in Evernote? No. You don’t have time to open Evernote, open a new note …

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Thank You Sunrise and Evernote

Evernote Camera Roll 20140617 203143

My favorite calendar app (Sunrise) just got together with my favorite app of all time (Evernote) and it is a beautiful thing. I mentioned in a previous post about starting to use Sunrise for my calendar when I’m mobile. Sunrise continues to be a great addition for my daily …

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