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Boundaries Are Your Friend

We hate boundaries.
We need boundaries.
I’m a recovering people pleaser. I struggle with boundaries. It is very hard for me to say “no” to people. I feel guilty saying “no” and I feel like I need to solve all the world’s problems.
Do you struggle with this? Do …

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Don’t Live Alone

This post is not directly connected to my previous post Feeling Alone? Decrease Your Circles.
I’m not suggesting you don’t live alone because you might be lonely, or as an option for you. I think, in general, we are not met to live alone.
Think about it. …

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Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

One of our goals as a family is to help our children identify one passion they have and turn it into a business.
Our hope is for them to have a way to provide for themselves before they go to college.
To start off, we are looking at …

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Stop The Comparison Game

Just because someone lives their life differently than you, does not mean they think you are doing it wrong.
Stop the comparison game. Everyone is doing the best they can.
Just because someone lives their life, parents their kids, spends their money, schools their children, leads their …

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Parenthood: Soak It In

I took my 5 year old daughter to Chick-fil-A Daddy Daughter Date Night this evening. We ate. We talked.
After our meal, she enjoyed a bowl of ice cream with M&Ms and Oreos on top.
As I patiently waited for her to enjoy her ice cream, I …

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Real Productivity

A dad just walked into Starbucks with his 3 year old. They are on a date.
I wonder if he knows this is the most important thing he will do this week?
Do I realize the same when I am spending time with my family?

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The Idea Categories for My Blog

Since first starting my blog back in 2013, I have enjoyed bringing content and ideas that I hope have been helpful to you. I have grown as a person and I continue to be passionate about the topics I discuss here.
If you are new to …

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Natalie’s 9 Tips

When my oldest was turning 9, I took her on a hike. While walk with her, I asked her to give me 9 pieces of advice, 9 things she had learned up to this point in her life. Here is what she came up with, …

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Use Your Words

Person A: “Umm, I’m not sure he understands.”
Person B: “Oh, he doesn’t understand.”
Person A: “What?! How do you know?”
Person B: “Have you told him what you are thinking?”
Person A: “Well, no, but…”
Person B: “Then he doesn’t understand.”
Remember, no one can read your mind. If you …

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Halloween is not a special day for us and our kids. I don’t know if it is because they grew up in New Orleans or because they are kids. Halloween is just another opportunity to dress up, like any other day. Other people happen to …

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