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Increase Productivity with a Weekly Review

With all the things you have going on, it is probably hard to keep everything straight.
Something I’ve been doing for over a decade is a Weekly Review. I spend one to two hours a week looking through the previous week, my goals and the following …

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How Do You Get It All Done?

Well, the answer is quite simple.
You cannot get it all done.
You have a ton of different things on your list. You are starting something new regularly. Your work places demands on you. Your loved ones are pulling at you. Then you have your own list …

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Undistracted: Techniques for the Undisciplined Mind

One of the biggest roadblocks in my personal and professional life is that I am easily distracted. Whether it be a task, a person or a new opportunity, I find it difficult to remain focused. Because of this, I sometimes stray and my otherwise disciplined …

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Productive Creativity: Helping Creatives Manage Time and Create with Excellence

Creativity has always been a high value for me. I would not put myself on the super creative end when matched up against all creatives on the planet. However, I do love to create and am absolutely captivated by the creativity of others.
So why a …

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The New Version of GTD is Out!


What is GTD? It stands for Getting Things Done and it is a book about productivity by David Allen. More than just a book, it is a methodology for how to live a productive life.
If your life is anything like mine, your list of to …

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What To Do When You Wake Up At 2:00 AM

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night? About once or twice a month, I wake up and cannot go back to sleep. Now before you start recommending medication to me, let me just say, I am not complaining.
Actually, I look forward …

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