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One Good Idea

“Properly exploited, one good idea that occurs to you when walking down the beach is worth several lifetimes of hard work.” ~ Gary Halbert
What do you love about this quote?

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The Idea Categories for My Blog

Since first starting my blog back in 2013, I have enjoyed bringing content and ideas that I hope have been helpful to you. I have grown as a person and I continue to be passionate about the topics I discuss here.
If you are new to …

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Being an Idea Addict, one of my favorite things to do is dream. “I have an idea” is a regular phrase my wife hears. For me, dreaming is my favorite pastime. It is a core part of my day, week, life, work and family life.
Whether …

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Creativity: Blessing or Curse?

If I received a dollar for every time I had an idea, I would be so rich I could end world hunger. “I have an idea” is pretty much my favorite phrase. There is a good chance it drives those closest to me a little …

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Podcast Recommendation: Dan Miller and 48Days.com

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I have started listening to a new (to me) podcast recently. Dan Miller is the host and he runs it much like a radio show. “Callers” send in questions, comments and stories. Miller reads these and gives feedback.
Miller is author of 48 Days to the …

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Say No

Do you, your business or nonprofit ever struggle with a growing number of opportunities, ideas or needs to serve? I don’t know about you, but I am constantly approached for meetings, new opportunities to help people/organizations, and products/services that will “help” me. It can be …

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