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Messy People

Thinking about the Woman at the Well from John 4. For that matter, consider Zacchaeus, Levi or Judas.
These people were messy. 
There is part of me that has falsely come to assume that these messy people got their act together and cleared out all the messiness from …

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Community is Awkward

Today I’d like to start a conversation on “community.” I say “start” because I know this is a tough subject and no one is going to be changing their stance or current circumstances after one blog post.
Recently I was participating in a particular event with church …

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Chase McCloud Quote


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God Pays for Adoptions All the Time


The following post is from Eric and Mandy McKnight. Eric & Mandy live in Loganville, Georgia with their 4 kids, Jacob(10), Owen(8), Maggie(6), & Anna Faith(3). Eric owns a bookstore software company & Mandy stays at home with their 4 children. They just began the …

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Just coffee? I don’t think so.

I know a lady who is making a difference in the lives of others. She owns a coffee shop. She is a single mom. She is an incredible human being.
Her coffee shop is by an elementary school. In the morning, parents come in and hang …

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Be Thankful: 5 Ways to Appreciate Your Loved Ones

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 7.05.10 AM

Who do you care about?  How does this person know you care about them?  I would like to suggest that if you are not intentional about showing appreciation, then you are not appreciative.
Whether it is your parents, a spouse or significant other, or a best …

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One Thing to Remember When You Fight with Your Spouse

My wife, Michelle, is the sweetest person in the world.  I have yet to meet a better servant or someone with a bigger heart.  From time to time, though, we do disagree and even get into arguments and fights.
Conflict is normal in any relationship.  In …

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