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Mom Power

Moms are amazing. They mold and make us into who we are.
Moms love when no one else loves.
Moms forgive.
Some moms get to birth children. Others adopt them…or pick them up along the way.
All moms make a difference.
I am super grateful for my mom. We get …

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What Makes You Angry?

Pay attention to what makes you angry.
When it comes to doing work that matters, that which makes you angry can be a key indicator of which direction you should go in.
On whose behalf do you get angry? Perhaps you should start doing something for these …

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What Is Your Superpower?

What is that thing that you do extremely well?
When others think about you, they think about how awesome you are at this.
Despite life circumstances… Despite busy times in life… Despite overwhelm… You find yourself using this Superpower.
Pay attention to it. Use it. Find ways to …

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Mixing Spirituality, Lifestyle and Income

Earlier this year I attended the One World Everybody Eats Conference in Denver Colorado. I went with two others from Crescent City Cafe, along with 50 plus other people interested (or already doing) the pay-what-you-can cafe model.
If you have not heard of this, it is exactly …

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God Pays for Adoptions All the Time


The following post is from Eric and Mandy McKnight. Eric & Mandy live in Loganville, Georgia with their 4 kids, Jacob(10), Owen(8), Maggie(6), & Anna Faith(3). Eric owns a bookstore software company & Mandy stays at home with their 4 children. They just began the …

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No Excuses: Start Building Your Platform Right Now by Becoming a Content DJ

Don’t have money for marketing? Don’t have the capacity to start blogging? You can still add value to your audience and begin building your platform right now.
Start with social media and become what Michael Hyatt calls a “Content DJ.” As you come across great content, share …

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Janitor Makes A Difference

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No Excuses: Start Impacting People Right Now

Want to make a difference in people’s lives? Do you have a purpose you are not living out? What is stopping you?
Most likely you are too young or too old. There is a good chance you don’t have enough education or you have too much …

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Start Your Platform

Still not sure about starting an online platform? There are many reasons for starting a platform, whether you are an individual, business owner, nonprofiter or minister. These are 3 reasons why I started an online platform.
1) To Add Value to Friends, Volunteers and Donors. I …

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