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Halloween is not a special day for us and our kids. I don’t know if it is because they grew up in New Orleans or because they are kids. Halloween is just another opportunity to dress up, like any other day. Other people happen to …

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You Can’t Do It All

“The greatest thing you do may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” ~ Andy Stanley
As a parent, this quote stands out to me from Catalyst 2015. We are so busy trying to save the world. We want to be successful professionally. We …

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God Pays for Adoptions All the Time


The following post is from Eric and Mandy McKnight. Eric & Mandy live in Loganville, Georgia with their 4 kids, Jacob(10), Owen(8), Maggie(6), & Anna Faith(3). Eric owns a bookstore software company & Mandy stays at home with their 4 children. They just began the …

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When Do You Teach Your Kids About Racism?

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr Day. It is important to not just let this day pass as a day off from school for kids. We must teach them about this hero from American History. 
My question is, when do we teach them about racism? …

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Helping My Children with Materialism, Entitlement and Stuff

My wife and I are hoping to help our kids have an appropriate view of stuff. We want them to grow up and use stuff to help people.
We don’t want them to be materialistic consumers. We don’t want them to be entitled.
At this point, we …

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A Leadership Lesson I Learned While Driving


One of the fun parts of living in New Orleans is the driving.  It is an adventure.  You never know what obstacles you may need to avoid or overcome.  Other drivers, potholes or a parade could all be on the agenda.
I live just 5 miles …

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Family Life and Evernote


Family is so important.  I am blessed to have an awesome wife and three amazing children.  I love my family and am constantly looking at how to make my family the priority over work and other challenges life throws at me.
Whether you work in an …

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