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2 Platform Resources

Are you working on building your personal or nonprofit platform? Perhaps you are trying to start a blog. Maybe you are attempting to fit social media into your your busy small business life.
Michael Hyatt recently released two fantastic podcast episodes to help you and me …

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No Excuses: Start Building Your Platform Right Now by Becoming a Content DJ

Don’t have money for marketing? Don’t have the capacity to start blogging? You can still add value to your audience and begin building your platform right now.
Start with social media and become what Michael Hyatt calls a “Content DJ.” As you come across great content, share …

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Start Your Platform

Still not sure about starting an online platform? There are many reasons for starting a platform, whether you are an individual, business owner, nonprofiter or minister. These are 3 reasons why I started an online platform.
1) To Add Value to Friends, Volunteers and Donors. I …

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How Is Your Nonprofit Using Blogging, Social Media, eNewsletters and eAsks?

For my nonprofit, I have been blogging and doing eNewsletters for several years. In the past 2 to 3 years, however, I have stepped up our game and added social media and the eAsk to our mix.
“eAsk?” Yeah, you heard it here first. 😉 What …

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Blogging Tip #2: Pick One Social Media

I know, you feel like you need to be on every social media. Everyone else is, right?
Wrong! Most people are not active on more than one social media. If they are, they are either not getting anything done or they have a team of people …

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Blogging Tip #1: Consistency

All the professional bloggers out there seem to agree on the first thing you must do to be a successful blogger: Be Consistent. I am not a professional blogger, nor am I consistent on my personal blog.
Like you, I have excuses. I’m busy. I have …

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