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A Struggler’s Prayer

Thank you, God, for this opportunity to trust you.

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How Are You Growing Your Prayer Life?

Last month, I mentioned how I’m growing in my prayer life. One of the things I am doing to grow is going to a church that believes in prayer. The second thing I am doing is using the prayers of others, primarily through prayer books.
Initially …

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Creating a Spiritual Life Plan

For a long time, I have been collecting ideas and books to help me grow spiritually. My issue has been that I want to read everything, do every spiritual exercise, listen to every sermon. As a result, I have not done anything.
No, really. I have …

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Prayer Life

Our prayer life is one of the most important parts of our journey with Christ. I have not always believed this. I didn’t grow up with this belief. Prayer, for most of my life, has been more like wishing someone good luck. You are thinking …

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Fasting Options

The next few weeks our church is fasting as a congregation. The leadership has asked us to give up something and be in prayer with a focus on “humbling ourselves before God, seeking understanding and praying for the areas in our city we want to …

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Vacation with Purpose

I have an idea. As you head out on vacation this summer, why not do something that matters?
Perhaps you would consider connecting with a local nonprofit to serve one afternoon. Another option might be to pray for the people you run into…mostly to yourself or …

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