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What do you hunger for?
Perhaps you should make a list. “I hunger…”

For sweets. For steak.
To be a better spouse, parent.
To be a spouse.
To be a parent.
For success.
For money, power, authority.
For spiritual things.
To be loved.
To be respected.
To make a difference.
To be in better shape.
To eat better.
For …

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First Things First

You can only put one thing first.
If multiple things are first, then nothing is first.
Also, if something is first, other things will not be first and therefore could be done better, but won’t be. This is because they are not first.
You get to choose what …

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Real Productivity

A dad just walked into Starbucks with his 3 year old. They are on a date.
I wonder if he knows this is the most important thing he will do this week?
Do I realize the same when I am spending time with my family?

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The Soils of Life

When you think about your ideal life, what do you see? What does the rhythm of your life look like? What are you doing? How much of it are you doing? When it comes to creating a life that matters, it starts with you, your …

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A bit of advice a friend gave me.
Don’t say “I don’t have time for ___________.”
Say, “____________ is not a priority for me right now.”
To that I would like to add, that it is okay to not have everything be a priority. You cannot do it …

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