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Prepare For Your Quarterly Offsite

It is mid June. Time to take a final look at your goals from the second quarter and start preparing for your Quarterly Offsite. Let the fun begin!
Why Quarterly Offsite
I do a personal retreat every quarter to help me rest, rejuvenate, set goals and prepare …

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2016 Q2 Quarterly Offsite


Last week I did my Q2 Offsite. It was fabulous! I sent this text to my wife after the first day.
Day 1: Create, Learn, Serve

As mentioned before, I typically look at 3 areas and I categorize them in the following way:
Create – What am I …

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Questions to Consider as You Head Toward Your Quarterly Offsite

I’m two weeks away from my next Quarterly Offsite! Excited! It is going to be a great time of rest, renewal and refocusing.
Here some questions you should consider for a Quarterly Offsite:
1) How am I going to rest on the retreat? Make plans to be …

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Undistracted: Techniques for the Undisciplined Mind

One of the biggest roadblocks in my personal and professional life is that I am easily distracted. Whether it be a task, a person or a new opportunity, I find it difficult to remain focused. Because of this, I sometimes stray and my otherwise disciplined …

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New Year’s Resolutions Are So Overwhelming!

Happy New Year! Hope your 2015 was a good one. I am looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months holds.
So, I don’t know about you, but New Year’s Resolutions are pretty overwhelming to me. There is so much talk in January about self-improvement. …

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10 Tips for a Quarterly Offsite!

It is that time again! I am so excited about my Quarterly Offsite coming up in a couple weeks. I have already started preparing for it.
In addition to these tips mentioned previously, here are some others:
1) Evernote – Use Evernote to keep all your ideas …

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Get Away On A Personal Retreat

This past week I took a couple of mornings away from family and work to do a Quarterly Offsite. It was a great time of goal setting, prioritizing my life and resting. I was able to refocus on what is most important and add margin …

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