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Evening Ritual Resources

Ending my day well has always been a struggle. Here are some resources I found.
1) A 9-Part Nighttime Ritual
2) Evening Ritual: The 7 Things That Will Make You Happy At Night
3) Sleep and Your Productivity (Podcast and Blog)
4) 6 Strategies to Sleep Soundly, Wake Rested and Accomplish More

Do …

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Snowpocalypse Plans

Snowpocalypse 2017 is about to hit tonight. What are your plans for the next few days?
There is not a wrong answer to this question, but being intentional is key. In addition to playing in the snow with my kids, here are some other options I …

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Questions to Consider as You Head Toward Your Quarterly Offsite

I’m two weeks away from my next Quarterly Offsite! Excited! It is going to be a great time of rest, renewal and refocusing.
Here some questions you should consider for a Quarterly Offsite:
1) How am I going to rest on the retreat? Make plans to be …

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2016: Yes You Can!

I like sweets. I mean, I like sweets a lot. Okay…I love sweets!
For the past decade plus, however, I have been gaining about 2-3 lbs a year. It doesn’t sound like much at first. But think about it? It does not lead in a good …

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10 Tips for a Quarterly Offsite!

It is that time again! I am so excited about my Quarterly Offsite coming up in a couple weeks. I have already started preparing for it.
In addition to these tips mentioned previously, here are some others:
1) Evernote – Use Evernote to keep all your ideas …

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I’m Back!

Yes, I am back from my Social Media Break! I am happy to report that I was not overly productive during this recess from social media. Michelle and I had a great time traveling. It was nice to enjoy just being with her.
A few years ago, …

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Rest, Work and Relationships


These 3 areas of life are important to your productivity. They will propel you forward or hold you back if you let any one of them take priority over the others.
If you rest too much, you may have time for relationships, but you will not …

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Sleep More, Sit Less

It is an interesting dichotomy. We don’t get enough sleep and we sit too much. Both of these are killers, literally.
Your body needs about 8 hours of sleep a night. Without it, you will be less productive, a less pleasant person to be around and …

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Get Away On A Personal Retreat

This past week I took a couple of mornings away from family and work to do a Quarterly Offsite. It was a great time of goal setting, prioritizing my life and resting. I was able to refocus on what is most important and add margin …

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Michael Hyatt Quote

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