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Only Nonprofits Help People

Some people think, “If I want to make a difference in the world, I must start a nonprofit.” (or work for one)
This just is not the case.
There are loads of for-profit businesses who do work that matters. They make a difference in the lives of …

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Job Idea #3: Car Maintenance Coach

For years I was blessed to have an amazing mechanic to take care of my, my family and my friends’ cars. Tommy became a good friend and we still connect from time to time. He does amazing work, knows everything about cars and does not …

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Spring 2016 Events

There are some amazing events coming up in the next couple of months. Would love to have you join me.
Lift Training (April 23 in Marietta, GA) – If you are raising funds for your nonprofit or ministry, this event is for you. Whether you are …

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Job Idea #2: Housing Coach

A friend of mine does home remodeling in another state. His work is really good and he knows everything about houses. Whenever I have questions, I always ask him. He is patient with my ignorance and is a great teacher.
I’ve heard him mention that at …

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Structuring Your Nonprofit

Whether you already have a nonprofit or are about to start one, consider carefully the structure you set up. From your Board to your Staff to those you serve, the structure you create can have a lasting impact on your organization.
Here are five questions to …

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Where You Work Matters: Choosing the Best Working Platform for You

If you are going to do work that matters, you need to consider the environment you are working in. You must consider the platform from which you are going to do your work.
I have thought of 3 platforms or environments for you to consider. None …

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