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Only Nonprofits Help People

Some people think, “If I want to make a difference in the world, I must start a nonprofit.” (or work for one)
This just is not the case.
There are loads of for-profit businesses who do work that matters. They make a difference in the lives of …

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When Should I Start My Business?

When is the best time to launch your business?
What are you waiting for? No more excuses. Get in the Game!
I know. You have all kinds of reasons to wait. You are waiting to see if that one thing is going to work out. You are holding …

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Job Idea #3: Car Maintenance Coach

For years I was blessed to have an amazing mechanic to take care of my, my family and my friends’ cars. Tommy became a good friend and we still connect from time to time. He does amazing work, knows everything about cars and does not …

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Job Idea #2: Housing Coach

A friend of mine does home remodeling in another state. His work is really good and he knows everything about houses. Whenever I have questions, I always ask him. He is patient with my ignorance and is a great teacher.
I’ve heard him mention that at …

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Job Idea #1: Dishware Rental

A few years ago I was hosting an event for about 40-50 people. It was going to be a nice dinner with real plates and silverware. The only problem was that the location we were renting didn’t have plates and silverware. What did we do?
First …

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Job Ideas: An Introduction

“I have an idea.”
This is pretty much my favorite phrase. I use it nearly everyday. It’s possible that I have a problem.
I love dreaming…envisioning how things could be. Change is something that I, like many people, hate and love, all at the same time. When …

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