August Psalms Challenge

Starting August 1st, I’ll be reading the Book of Psalms. My goal is to read all 150 chapters in a month. Want to join me?

Whether you are still deciding what role God will have in your life, new to faith, or you have been following Jesus for a long time, the Psalms are a great way to grow your faith. They help us see the power and mercy of God.

“How am I going to read 150 chapters in 31 days? That seems impossible!”

It is possible. It works out to about 5 chapters a day, which on most days will involve about 20 minutes of reading.

Shhhhhhh. I have a secret tip to offer. Try listening to Scripture via the Youversion Bible App. I do this in the car, on walks and during other in between time. Of course I’ll also have some dedicated “quiet time” to read or listen to it.

Remember: The real goal is to grow spiritually by getting into God’s Word in community.

Community? Yes, we will be reading the Bible and posting questions and comments in a Facebook Group. Don’t worry, once we start, the group will be “secret,” which means that only people in the group will be able to see the group. Also, you are free to post when and as much as you like. Although, it is always best the more people share.

Prayer: In addition to questions and comments, I’d like to encourage you to share any prayers the Lord brings your way during your time in the Psalms.

You Are Invited: Click here and request to join. The group is open until August 1st, after which, you will not be able to see the group.

Invite Friends: Please invite your friends to the group as well. You can ask in person or post on Facebook. If doing a post on Facebook, you can share this blog post (, share the Facebook Group Link ( or simply tell people what you are doing and asking them to like your post if they are interested. Here is an example:

“Hey, I’m reading Psalms this August. Will be posting questions and comments in a Facebook Group. Click like to join and I’ll add you to the Group.”

Then you can add your friends. Message me if you have any problems with this.

To learn more about my Facebook Bible Studies, click here. I’m really looking forward to reading with you and being encouraged through what God has to say to each of us. Thank you for reading with me.

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