10 Ways to Know You Are An Idea Addict

Wondering if you are an Idea Addict. I can help you out.

#1 Ideas are your drug of choice.

I absolutely love a new idea. The feeling of euphoria. The possibilities! A great idea is a huge motivator, encourager and stimulant for me. Do not judge.

#2 You play the dream game.

In my family, it was a common occurrence to suddenly think of an alternative life we would enjoy living. “Wouldn’t it be fun to live in Paris and run a coffee shop?” “Oh that would be fun, how would we do that? Let’s talk about it!” And then in the next sentence, “We should move to Africa and help children with AIDS.” “Yeah, how could we do that? Let’s make it happen!” Then the next week, “It would be fun to run a whatever in downtown wherever.” “Yeah, how could we do that? Where would we live?” That is the “dream game.”

#3 Ideas wreck your day.

While I love ideas, it is super common for ideas to completely derail my day. They can totally distract me. If you want me to stay up all night, give me a new idea right before bed. It will consume me. This addiction to ideas leads me to being very intentional with protecting my mind and habits so that I can ideate well. Do ideas derail your day? You might be an Idea Addict.  

#4 You suffer from Vision ADD.

In addition to the dream game, you actually take steps toward multiple different careers. You get excited about a new career multiple times a week and in some cases attempt to do multiple careers at once. A friend of mine called this “Vision ADD” and I am super guilty of it. In fact, even as I write, while I am moving towards a clearer vision, some of those around me would probably tell you I still have Vision ADD. Of course, being the title of my new book, you can read more there.

#5 Starting projects is easy and fun.

This is an understatement. You love starting new things and do so regularly. On the other hand, bringing them to completion is a struggle. You find it difficult to finish what you start. Maintenance is not in your gift set. In my brain, ideating and planning give me such a kick, I do not actually need to accomplish anything. This is a little bit of a stretch. I like to have a finished product and not just talk, but doing the real work of turning an idea into reality is not as gratifying to me as coming up with another idea.

#6 You are easily distracted.

I often feel like a squirrel. I am captivated by the next shiny object, toy, opportunity, connection. As a result, I find it difficult to prioritize what and who are most important to me. I want it all.

#7 Change is a good thing…always.

As Idea Addicts, we embrace change. We almost always view change as positive and believe others should feel the same way. Change gives us an adrenaline rush. We are eager to try new things. In fact, we give those close to us whiplash because we are constantly changing directions with a new idea.

#8 You get paralyzed.

You have so many ideas you get overwhelmed and paralyzed. You cannot function on a daily basis, much less in your career. You love all of your ideas and find it difficult to move forward in any one direction.

#9 Curiosity may kill you.

Your love for ideas can leave you in a coma. You get so fixated on ideation, you struggle to function in day to day life. I do not want to take this to an extreme, but you are so curious, so captivated by ideas, you cannot help yourself.

#10 We embrace “problem solving” and “continuous improvement.”

These are just excuses to ideate. However, because they are well accepted terms in the workplace, we get a free pass…at least sometimes. Eventually you must actually solve the problem or improve the process.


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  1. Holly

    Hah! Love it! This is both my husband and I, but how we work through ideas is different. Each of these applies to at least one of us, often both. I can most relate to numbers 2, 7, 8, and 10.

    October 15, 2016
    • adamsuter

      Cool. Thanks for sharing.

      October 19, 2016