Snowpocalypse Plans

Snowpocalypse 2017 is about to hit tonight. What are your plans for the next few days?

There is not a wrong answer to this question, but being intentional is key. In addition to playing in the snow with my kids, here are some other options I have considered. What are you thinking?

1) Rest, Play Games and Watch Movies. An excellent option. If one is sick, this is what you should do.

2) Quarterly Offsite. If you haven’t had a chance to set goals for the quarter, now is a great time. Spend your snowpocalypse preparing for the next 90 days.

3) Inside Projects. Get that thing done you have been meaning to get done.

4) Party. Throw a sleepover and have your favorite people over.

5) Get Ahead. Whether for school or work, get ahead. Complete a project that isn’t due for awhile. This will give you margin as you head back into the flow next week.

6) Rest. I’m going to put this one on here twice. Nothing wrong with resting. If you decide to rest…do it. And don’t feel guilty about it.

What are you going to do? Any other ideas? Please share.

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  1. Holly

    In Minnesota, we don’t have names for snow storms. We just call it another Tuesday. 😀

    I only recall being snowed in once in my life. It was the time the roof on our football stadium collapsed. Oh, and our snow blower died.

    Your suggestions are awesome! I think we should schedule monthly or quarterly snowed in weekends whether there’s snow or not. 🙂 Stay safe and warm!

    January 7, 2017
    • adamsuter

      Somehow I missed that you live in Minnesota. Whoa! I have visited there a few times (coming back this May). One time I was flying in during April and there was no green anywhere!

      Haha! You crack me up Holly.

      I love your snowed in weekends idea. Hmm….

      January 13, 2017
      • Holly

        For sure let me know if you have time in your schedule in May!

        While I don’t really care for winter, it’s nice that it’s different every year. The temps vary widely which is something you get used to. Sometimes it’s 80 in February. Sometimes it snows in May. When we go camping, I always pack a swim suit AND a hat and gloves.

        This year has been relatively mild, so hopefully it’s over soon. Can’t wait to start cycling outside again!

        January 13, 2017